Old eggs?


Reproduction used be so straightforward. People did it the um, old-fashioned way, and mostly they didn’t plan. Today, almost forty percent pregnancies in the US are unplanned, but for many women, planning to get pregnant is a very involved undertaking.

The data shows that in this country, 15 percent of women with their first child are elderly primigravidas, that is, they are older than 34.

An entire industry that has now been built up around this fact. Your eggs are old!  You waited too long! How will you reproduce?

Capitalism and innovation is here to help. Go to any CVS or Rite Aid in the country, and you’ll be offered a wide selection of ovulation prediction kits ($35 for 2), a  host of products aimed at boosting your fertility, and even  home fertility tests .

An ongoing study at UNC Chapel Hill found that these tests are quite inaccurate.

One-quarter of the women would have been deemed infertile based on their FSH levels, but in fact they did not have more difficulty getting pregnant than other women in the study, the researchers reported.

The study is still recruiting, and will be until 2015. It’s refreshing to read about scientific research that is actually trying to help women achieve their fertility goals instead of coming up with more findings about how fertility declines, and a host of possible factors that might be associated with infertility.
And just a side note, here’s the principal investigator of the study:

Just sayin’…



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