Friday News Roundup!


Welcome to the weekend! I was happy to get back to blogging this week after being on hiatus during the Thanksgiving break. There were so many stories in the news this week that I wish I could have blogged about: here’s just a sample:

  • No surprises here: It’s hardly shocking, but it turns out that the more influence that drug companies have on medical research, the more biased that research is, even if that bias is not explicit or intentional.
  • Claim denied: Even though it wouldn’t really cost that much to provide survivorship and healthcare benefits to same-sex couples, so far the government has refused to do so. One San Francisco couple is taking their case to the Supreme Court.
  • Gender gap: Besides paying more for deodorant, haircuts and dry cleaning, women now face higher rates — up to 40% higher —  for long-term care insurance.
  • Partners in health: What a concept! The American Cancer Society is now promoting “shared decision-making,” encouraging physicians to engage patients as partners in deciding their course of treatment.  Interestingly, they’ve also found that when patients often choose the more conservative, less expensive treatment option.
  • Mississippi, Godddamn!! There’s only one abortion clinic in the whole state, but now there’s a proposed law that might lead to its closure. The law requires the physicians from the clinic to obtain privileges to admit patients to local hospital. The catch is that the hospital has denied these doctors the required privileges. The case has been brought to a federal judge, but the decision is still pending.

Have a great weekend, meet you back here on Monday!



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