Friday News Roundup

newsLots going on in health news this week, here are five stories that caught my eye:

1.Would You Enroll Your Infant in a Study Like This?

A major trial of a new booster vaccine for TB ended this week, and the shot was deemed to be ineffective in protecting infants against the disease.  The study was conducted in South Africa, and over 2,000 infants were enrolled.

2. We’re Still Pretending we’re Immortal

Even though more and more Americans are dying at home or in hospice, the lead up to death often involves ” a tumultuous month in which they endure procedures that are often as invasive and painful as they are futile.”

3. This Isn’t Really News

Hey, guess what? Taking time off (up to 12 weeks)  to care for a new child, recover from an illness or tend to a sick relative under the FMLA doesn’t send businesses into a downward spiral!And apparently, the people who take the time off find it very helpful! Too bad alf of the workforce that’s covered by the law couldn’t afford to take unpaid leave. And half of all workers aren’t even eligible to take any time off.

4. You Gotta Do it Their Way….Or No Way At All

This is what the Catholic Bishops object to:

“Under the latest proposal, churches and nonprofit religious groups that object to providing birth control coverage on religious grounds would not have to pay for it. Women who work for such organizations could get free contraceptive coverage through separate individual health insurance policies.”

I’m still not sure what the problem is.

5. Listen to Your Heart

This February, in honor of American Heart Month, I want women and moms to understand that heart disease has many faces. Cardiovascular disease can be complex and may not always be a matter of age or poor lifestyle choices.

Happy Weekend! Meet you back here on Monday.



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