Three blog posts I wish I’d written

Not sure if this would really  be that helpful...

Not sure if this would really be that helpful…

Mondays are hectic.

There’s no preschool, my sweetie leaves town for the week to go to work in a town two hours away, and I always have unrealistic expectations of what I will get done. I found out from this book that having unrealistic expectations is a common characteristic in people with my personality type (is it useful to know that it is common? I’m not sure).

I sat down to write this blog post three times. I know it was three times because I’ve been keeping track of everything I do all day in an effort to figure out where my time goes. This guy swears by the technique to help you boost your productivity.

Today I:

Made breakfast, did laundry, wrote a grocery list, made beds, tided bedrooms, cleared up breakfast dishes, had a 20 minute call about a freelance editing project while the boy listened to a story on his Vtech thingamajig. Drove to the far-away-but-clean library, read seven books that were mostly about Christmas, took him out for a grilled cheese sandwich. Went grocery shopping. Put groceries away while cajoling him to come into the house for a minute. Chased behind him on a bike ride around the block. Finally convinced him to come inside. Hung out the laundry, played trains, cleaned the bathroom, made dinner, showed him how to cut up mushrooms. Ate dinner, bribed him (with ice cream) into finishing his dinner, loaded the dishwasher, played cars, made a cake for customer, put him in bed. Read him 5 books. Got up and made him a sandwich. Went back to his bedroom. Got back up to get him an Orgain shake (bougie alternative to Pediasure)  because “If I don’t have a shake I’m not going to sleep.”

Cleaned up again.

Took the cake out of the oven, filled out the order sheets for cakes for Valentine’s day. Sat down to write.

I think Darren Hardy is right. I’ve figured it out in one day. In order to boost my productivity “at work” I need to hire a maid.

Here are three posts I started to write today:

1. A response to this article.

2. Why healthcare needs to come with an actual price tag.

3. Can a Checklist Really Save Your Life?

But even though I didn’t write any of them, it was still a good day.



  1. Jennifer

    I often say that going to work is like a vacation compared to being at home with kids. Stay-at-home Mom’s are warrior women!

    • womenswellnesswatch

      Well…I wonder about that sometimes, but really there’s no grass greener. I know that holding down a full-time job and taking care of kids is no picnic either, and sometimes I feel very lucky that I can spend the whole day in my pajamas! That said, I am looking forward to Pre-Kindergarten…

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