Friday News Roundup: Hi-Tech Edition

Happy Friday!

Here are three stories about how technology can be used improve health:

1.  Follow up is important to prevent re-hospitalization: “In a pilot test, her hospital is sending special telemedicine monitors home with certain high-risk patients so that nurses can make a quick daily check of how these patients are faring in that first critical month.”

2.This is a little scary:  “Dr. Topol speaks of a not-so-distant future where human beings are digitized through sensors in the bloodstream. He explains, “By having a sensor in the blood, we can pick up all sorts of things, whether it’s cells coming off an artery lining [indicating heart attack], whether it’s the first cancer cell getting in the bloodstream, whether it’s the immune system revving up for asthma or diabetes or you name it.  All these things, will be detected by sensors in the blood which will then talk to the phone.”

3. Seems like since all our other information is now electronic, it wouldn’t be too hard to make medical records electronic too. But for some reason, this has been very hard to achieve. Here’s one explanation. 

Have a great weekend, see you back here on Monday!


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