Watching things grow

For years I have said that I was saving gardening for my forties. I wanted to garden, but I had little success making things grow.



Since we moved to this house six years ago, I’ve been laboring in the back yard, tearing out kudzu and thinning day lilies, moving boulders, digging holes. I cut down a dead eucalyptus tree with a hacksaw. But this year, without me weeding every day or spending hundreds of dollar, everything is growing. Sacha has a little hoe that he works with every day. We have pink hydrangeas and yellow daisies, purple coneflowers and hostas with delicate flowers. Everything is green and luscious, life abounds.


Two more months of summer, two more months until my baby goes to school. It feels like everything is up for grabs. The ground beneath my feet does not feel solid. I’m being forced to take the next step.



But for now, I am marveling at the way things grow, even when you don’t do that much.

Exercise every day. Drink enough water. Post to the blog.



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