Say what’s on your mind


We are fortunate to have wonderful neighbors. The family who lives across the street from us have been a constant presence in Sacha’s daily life since he was born. They have two little girls who he loves with all his heart.

One of the first things he did as talking person was to shout out “Stella!” to the little girl. He would see her from the window, or hear her voice, or the car door slam, and it would send him skittering to the front door to try and make contact.

They are six and ten, which is not always good for a four year old. They sometimes exclude him, have made him cry several times, don’t always respond when he calls across the street. But for the most part, they are kind and friendly, they are like surrogate sisters to him. When they do come over, he is so thrilled that he talks at top volume the entire time.

This weekend he had the idea to write all the neighbors a letter. This is the letter he wrote to them (yes, I was the transcriptionist).  It expresses, in three short sentences, all the love and longing he has toward them. “Why do you not say hi to me that often?” They say hi at least three times a day, sometimes more. But the times that they don’t say hi always breaks his heart a little. “That’s ok, I love you.” He accepts the hurt as part of life, because really, he loves them, the whole family.

He delivered the letter, and the next day the girls came over for at least 30 minutes.

So say what’s on your mind, and you might just get your heart’s desire.


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